Don’t take it from me.

Here are some kind words from some lovely humans I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Jackie is the vanguard of the next generation of marketer. She is a fearless, mentally-resilient, self-disciplined professional willing to jump into the thick of it just for the opportunity to learn and do something new.

She continually impresses me with her dedication to her craft and her ideals. Her ability to work both independently and as part of a team is extraordinary. I know that when I give her a project, it will get done and well above even my high standards.

When working with a team, it becomes natural to have someone with whom you thoroughly rely on. On my team, Jackie was that person. She was my go-to manager for the difficult tasks that I would prefer to handle personally but did not have the time to do so. I never had an inkling that she would not handle projects I assigned to her in any but the most expert of fashions.

Marketing is difficult in that we deal with both the subjective and the objective. We have to touch on emotional and technical points. We have to have an understanding of the analytical while being creative.  And we have to frame it all for the worldview of our audience. Many are good at one aspect; some are good at several. Jackie is good in all these aspects and with time will master them all.

Some people like to learn or enjoy learning; Jackie has a fundamental need to learn. And also she loves to share what she has learned. I have been marketing for over two decades now, and she’s taught me more than my fair share of new techniques.

Jackie’s background lends itself to multiple industries. Not many can say that they have dealt with such a wide array of demographics and did so with her level of success.

Jackie is an incredible asset to my team. If you hire her, she will do the same for yours.

David Dunlap.

Jackie is an expert at what she does and brings out the best of the people around her. I hadn’t done much marketing prior to working with her, but she taught me so much and gave me incredible hands-on experience that I will always be grateful for. She can handle any task that she is given, and she tackles it with grace and positivity. She truly has a passion for marketing, and it is evident in her work.

Kathleen Tite

Thanks to Jackie, I’m currently employed as an Application Developer. Without her, I wouldn’t have known how to look for this great job.

Jackie has passion and talent; both of which impress. She worked hard helping with my resume and job search. I found knowing where to start a difficult part of putting together a resume and Jackie helped by asking questions which were good at making me ask myself questions I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to.

— Matt Walton

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