Let’s work together!

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Companies don’t hire statistics. They hire well rounded people whose personal narrative aligns with their company narrative.

Building a resume and cover letter isn’t about listing out qualifications. It’s about walking your future employer through the story of your qualifications.

You, my dear, are certainly not a statistic. You have a unique journey that brings a whole lot to the table!

The key is to uncover what you’ve given and gained in the past and position yourself as the brilliant human you really are.

Here’s what I offer

Cover Letters
LinkedIn Profiles
Interview Prep
And more!

Here’s how I work

It begins with a collaborative process where together we explore not just your work history, but who you are, how you will contribute to your future employer, and what you need to find fulfillment in your job.

It starts with your resume.

We’ll review your previous experiences from college and internships to volunteer work and previous jobs.

Then we’ll chat about where they want to be. I mean, there’s a reason you’re on the job hunt, right? We’ll extract the key aspects of previous experiences and adapt the language to best position you for the job or internship you want.

From there we can work on your cover letter, LinkedIn, and get you ready for that interview!

Ready to get going? Here are my packages



Resume Consultation

What’s included: – 1:1 Get To Know You – Deep Dive into past experiences – Solidify Skillsets – Layout and Design



Resume + Cover Letter Consultation

All Resume Consultation elements + Learn how to craft the perfect cover letter with one practical example for a job you want!




Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn

All the elements of resume & cover letter consulting PLUS optimization of LinkedIn profile for SEO, recruiters, and easy applying!




Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, & Interview Prep!

Take all of the elements and groundwork and let’s put them to work! Learn the top interview tips and hold a mock interview.



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