Hi, there!

jackie kranenburg

My present.

Hi, there! I’m Jackie. Thanks for popping by.

I’m a hedgehog mom living in Chicago, working that 9-5 as a marketing manager for a tech company. On the side, I’m growing my side hustle as a freelance blogger, marketer, and life coach.

I currently work full time as the Marketing Manager for a tech company where I create and implement campaigns to generate and nurture leads and maintain alignment with sales to increase revenue.

I led a sitewide revamp of content, beginning by analyzing the keyword and link profile of each page, then tweaking the content and internal linking structure. The culmination of my efforts doubled the amount of search engine traffic. In 5 months has resulted in 10 snippets and 37 keywords ranking on the first page of Google. The audience also shifted from casual visitors to an audience with an intent to buy. Revenue from Organic Search Grew by over 70%. Organic Search Engine grew from providing only 30% of all revenue to 80% of all marketing driven revenue.

I’ve also revitalized social platforms with a traffic increase of over 300%. I bring experience with bidding/budgets, split-testing, optimizing, look-alike audiences, and retargeting. I’ve conceived the big picture idea and goal for the campaign, created the copy and visuals, Split Tested, and tracked the conversions to analyze the results.

Prior to this position I was a Campaign Manager, where I oversaw anywhere from 3-5 multifaceted campaigns at once. I ensured consistent communication and organization with our marketing team, internal departments, and external partners to ensure cohesion, progress, and effectiveness. I worked as the project manager for all sales enablement, marketing initiatives, and product launches. In addition, I oversaw the Marketing Development Funds programming, where I oversee partner relations including Amazon and Microsoft where I secured over $170,000 for our marketing budget. My favorite projects to manage are video productions, as they combine my theatre experience with organizational and communication skills.

I’ve also worked as the Director of Marketing for Drury Lane in Oakbrook Terrace. In this position, I was a department of one for a 1,000-seat commercial theatre, a fine dining restaurant, and six ballrooms. I spearheaded all advertising, social media, weekly e-blasts, and other marketing initiatives while coordinating with our public relations firm, graphic designer, and webmaster. Most notably I worked with ABC to coordinate the cast of our production of A Christmas Carol participate in the Lights Festival on Michigan Avenue. I earned my B.F.A. in Theatre Management from DePaul University while interning at several non-profit theaters, as well as Cathy Taylor Public Relations, Inc.

My past.

They told me “No.” They told me “it can’t be done,” so I became the first.

Freshman year I had moved to a new high school and learned what it was like to crave community. I was the new kid, and I was lost. My AP English teacher invited me to audition for a play, but seeing my name up on the cast list wasn’t the reward. The reward was belonging. I was part of a community.

The Arts had changed my life, so I devoted my life to the Arts to change other’s lives.

When I was a sophomore, I heard of a Junior Leadership Board for the nonprofit The Educational Theatre Association. People told me to wait until I was a junior. But I ran and was accepted. On the board, I taught workshops at 23 conferences in 13 different states. I was selected to lobby for arts education in Washington D.C.. I was the first high schooler invited to attend. The following year, nearly 20 high school students joined me.

Freshman year of college I left my small town for Chicago. I had been accepted into a rigorous Theatre Management program with a 7% acceptance rate. An acceptance I had been told I would not get. I was told it was a mistake. But I left for Chicago, and it was one of the best decisions I made.

In college, I juggled several internships in addition to classes and work. It was during my internships were I fell in love with marketing. I coordinated accessibility programming at The Theatre School and Chicago Children’s Theatre. I worked in marketing and public relations at Chicago Shakespeare Theater then assisted Cathy Taylor, a theatre publicist.

While still in college I started full-time work as the Director of Marketing for Drury Lane. I was a junior at the time. I again I was told that I shouldn’t have applied for the job, that I was in way over my head, that I didn’t deserve the position. I proved them wrong.

I am a fierce advocate for the arts and community. And if I need to ignore the naysayers or become the first to follow my passions, I will.

My future.

What am I up to next? Getting to know you, obviously.

No, I mean it! 

I’m really hoping to use my marketing and career interests to foster genuine, meaningful relationships. Here’s what this could look like:

Hire me to:

  • Consult with your job hunt. From writing/designing resumes and cover letters to finding jobs and providing career advice, this is one of my favorite things to do!
  • Manage your marketing efforts. I essentially do all things marketing: social media management, SEO optimization, AdWords and campaign development, etc.
  • Collaborate on projects. Whatcha workin’ on? Need a partner in crime?
  • Be a pal. Let’s chat!