How do I write a cover letter?

3 tips for crafting the perfect cover letter plus easy cover letter template

Writing a cover letter doesn’t have to be a pain. Here’s exactly how to write a cover letter, cover letter tips, and even a cover letter template to use!

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Sysadmin Day Q&A with Jenn Svensson

sysadmin day interview

Originally posted on GigeNET’s blog, July 10, 2018.  It takes a special expert to lead a team of sysadmins for a hosting company. The ideal candidate has extensive experience, is a constant learner, and has excellent people skills. Luckily for us, we’ve found this superhero in Jenn Svensson. In celebration of Sysadmin Day, I sat down […]

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Women in Tech: Elizabeth Volini, Director of Project Management

Originally posted on ThinkIT, SingleHop’s blog, July 18, 2017.    There are a number of reasons projects can fail in the workplace, from poor communication and lack of strategy to lack of leadership and accountability. The top tactic to tackle these project problems: a great project manager. In IT, there’s a vast range of skill-sets […]

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Women in Tech: Deanna Swanson, Director of HR

Originally posted on ThinkIT, SingleHop’s blog, August 10, 2017.  Recruiting in the IT industry is no easy feat. A high demand for increasingly niche skillsets makes recruitment challenging and competitive. Matching in importance comes the need to foster an inclusive, positive, and productive environment that encourages individuals to stay in their positions. Fortunately, SingleHop has […]

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Women in Tech: Chelsea Fieler, Systems Engineer

Originally posted on ThinkIT, SingleHop’s blog, October 18, 2017.  According to the US Department of Labor, only 19 percent of systems administrators are women.1 From national attention on the value of STEM education to local conferences for women in tech, there’s been an increase in awareness and initiatives to increase diversity across IT occupations. Employers […]

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